How To Make Sure That Compressor Air Is Dry


If you own and operate heavy construction equipment, then you likely have a large scale air compressor in your storage area or business facility that helps you refill the tires of your skid-steers and bulldozers. If your equipment seems like it is a little beat up, then this same compressor can be utilized with a spray gun to add new paint to your equipment. Since painting is a pretty labor intensive activity, you do want to do it right the first time. Water in your air compressor system can easily ruin a paint job by creating fish eyes and a textured finish. You can prevent these problems by making sure that the air released from the compressor is as dry as possible using the following tips. 

Add An Air Dryer

Water will naturally build within the compression tank of the air compressor. Ambient air contains the water in the form of vapor. When the air compresses, the fluid releases on the inside of the tank in the form of condensation. As more and more air is compressed, more water condenses. If the water builds too quickly, then the automatic water drain may not remove the fluid efficiently. Small water droplets are likely to mix with air and release out the air hose.

To help trap water, purchase an air dryer or filter attachment for the air compressor. This small attachment can be connected to the output opening on the air storage tank. The air hose can then be connected to the dryer. There are several different types of dryers that can be purchased. A desiccant dryer is one the simplest devices to utilize. When it is attached, air moves through one or two separate chambers that contain a desiccant material. Silica gel typically will sit inside the attachment and attract moisture as it passes through. 

The dryer may also contain a filter or membrane that allows air to pass through but traps water in a small compartment. Most desiccant and filter dryer attachments can be quite pricey, because they are reusable. If you are planning to paint your construction equipment within one or two sessions, then a disposable filter attachment is the best option. They are inexpensive and can be thrown out after they are used. 

Use Dry Air

Most air compressors will pull in air through the inlet port that sits on the very top of the device. The air then moves through the inlet valve and into the piston housing where the piston can compress the air. Since the compressor pulls in air that immediately surrounds the compressor, the air will be filled with water if your storage or work area is usually humid. 

The easiest solution to this problem is to make sure that the compressor can pull in dry air. You can accomplish this in two ways. You can add a dehumidifier to the space. This is ideal if the building is enclosed and relatively small. Not only will the dehumidifier assist with your compressor, but it will also reduce the amount of rust that can form on your construction equipment and other tools. Make sure to pick a dehumidifier that is appropriate for the space. If the area is around 1,000 square feet in size or larger, then you should opt for a 60 to 90 pint model. 

If your equipment storage and work area is large and expansive, then it may be a better idea to use the air that is just outside the building. You will need to add a hose to the unit that fits over the inlet port. Look for an expansion kit or an expansion chamber and hose for your air compressor model. Once the hose is attached, run it outside the building to pull in drier air. 

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1 June 2016

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