Provide Your Construction Crew With Materials Needed And Comfort Creatures While Completing A Job Out Of Town


If you are the owner and operator of a construction company and you and your crew will be completing a large job out of town and plan to stay overnight on the worksite for several days, the following tips will assist with providing your crew with the materials needed to complete the job, a comfortable area to relax and unwind at the end of each day, and the creature comforts that they are accustomed to. 

Use Trailers To Transport Items Needed

Secure a trailer behind each vehicle that is being used to transport everyone to the work site. Place building materials, machinery, tools, tents, a table, and bedding inside of the trailers. Upon arrival to the site, separate the items that are inside of the trailers and place them either directly next to the work site or the area that will be used as a sleeping and eating area. Erect the tents and place the table nearby. Select a portion of the ground where you would like to build a campfire.

Rent A Bathroom Facility And Hand Washing Station

Before heading out of town, rent a bathroom facility and hand washing station from a business that rents items to businesses and make arrangements to have them dropped off at your destination. A portable toilet unit will provide each of your employees with privacy and will allow them to relieve themselves throughout the day, without needing to leave the job site to find a suitable restroom. A hand washing station will allow everyone the chance to freshen up prior to and after each work shift. 

Prepare Meals And Pack Cooking Supplies

While at home, prepare stews, casseroles, and sandwiches and pack them inside of a cooler that is filled with ice. Also pack non-perishable food items that can be utilized once the ice melts and a variety of beverages. Place the cooler and non-perishables inside of the vehicle that you will be driving. If there is not enough room for the items, store them inside of one of the trailers. Bring along plenty of cooking supplies, including, pots, pans, utensils, and dinnerware.

By serving meals on the work site, you and your employees will be able to focus more on completing the job that each person is faced with and less time worrying about how everyone will be able to satiate their hunger. 

Once the construction job is complete, pack all of the supplies inside of the trailers before heading home. If staying on the work site was a success, use the same tips for upcoming jobs that need to be completed out of town. 


2 May 2017

Women Can Do Construction, Too

My name is Autumn, and I'm glad you are here. I am one of very few women who work in construction. Yes, I operate heavy machinery. I also use power tools and climb up on planks high in the air. I am a construction worker, and I am just as good at it as my male co-workers. In fact, I often consider myself even better. I hope this blog will help people understand that women can choose to do anything that interests them, and that it is okay for a women to pursue careers that are traditionally reserved for men.