Understanding The Importance Of Properly Maintaining A Transformer


Industrial transformers are used in a number of industries for a variety of reasons. While transformers are a very useful pieces of equipment, proper maintenance is absolutely essential to prevent damage or dangerous explosions. Understanding the basics of transformer maintenance can help ensure that the transformers at your facility operate properly for as long as possible. Continue reading to learn more about industrial transformer maintenance:

Cleaning Components

Transformers are not constructed with a number of moving parts, so there are not a large number of components that need to be inspected and cleaned compared to other type of electrical machinery. But even though transformers do not have a lot of parts, it is very important that the parts they do have are regularly checked and cleaned accordingly. This is not a task that can be done by a regular maintenance person-- cleaning the parts of a transformer needs to be done by trained field technicians and engineers who are highly experienced in servicing industrial transformers.

Oil Testing and Analysis

A typical industrial transformer contains a tank that is filled with oil. The oil is there to insulate the various electrical components inside the transformer, as well as keep the windings of the transformer from becoming overheated. Since the oil inside a transformer plays an important role in overall function, it needs to be tested. 

Transformer oil is tested for a variety of reasons, such as calculating moisture content, identifying any contaminants that may be present in the oil, checking for the presence on combustible gases, and testing how the oil reacts to different electrical voltages. After a sample of oil is collected from each transformer at a facility, the samples are sent to a special laboratory where the testing takes place.

Additional Tests

There are several other important tests that need to be conducted during transformer maintenance. These include checking the transformer turns ratio, winding resistance, and the power/dissipation factor. When you hire a transformer services maintenance company, it is essential to ask for a comprehensive checklist that includes all of the services and tests that they include while inspecting and maintaining the transformers at your facility.

Suggestions for Improvements

When you have your transformers maintained by experienced field technicians and engineers, they may offer suggestions to help extend the life span of a transformer. For example, the biggest enemy of an industrial transformer is heat, which is why transformers in hot climates tend to not last as long as those in cold climates. Some suggestions you might receive include adding fans or an external radiator to help dissipate heat from the transformer. 


29 June 2017

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