3 Signs That Post-Tension Is A Good Reinforcing Option For Your Concrete


Even though concrete is generally considered to be quite strong, the truth is that taking reinforcement steps when installing it can go a long way toward making it last longer. One of the common options for reinforcing concrete is to use rebar or wire mesh, but in some cases, post-tension -- which is actually done after the concrete has been poured -- is a better choice. Here are a few scenarios in which you might want to choose post-tension for your concrete pouring project.

1. You're Pouring the Concrete on the Ground

If the concrete that you are having poured is being poured directly onto the ground, such as if you are creating a slab for a house or building or if you are making a concrete patio, you have to think about the soil underneath. The truth is that soil can change a lot from day to day. When the weather changes from being moist to dry, the soil can dry up and can contract. This is a common cause of foundation damage with homes, for example. With post-tension, you can help ensure that the concrete is protected and that it will not be quite as affected by soil changes.

2. You're Using the Concrete to Hold Water

No one really wants their concrete to become cracked. However, it's often seen as something that is inevitable. For some applications, minor cracks are not a big deal. If you're going to be using your concrete to hold water, however, a crack can obviously be a big problem. Therefore, you may want to consider post-tension reinforcement for things like concrete water tanks or swimming pools.

3. It's Going to Be Bearing a Heavy Load

Some concrete has to bear a heavy load. Because of the weight that might be placed on top of it, cracking and other damage can be more common. With post-tension, however, you can help ensure that the concrete is prepared for the heavy load that it will be carrying. For example, if you're pouring a slab that a piece of heavy machinery will be placed on, for example, post-tension can be a good option.

As you can see, in various applications, post-tension is the best choice for reinforcing concrete. If your concrete professional has not yet talked to you about this option, it might be a good idea to bring it up. Then, you can help determine if it's the right choice for your project. Companies like Advanced Post-Tension, LLC can give you more information as well.


28 July 2017

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