3 DIY Projects At Home That Could Be Easier With A Rented Tractor


With the ability to hook up to an array of attachments and far more horsepower than the average vehicle, tractors have long been one of the most useful pieces of equipment for business owners and residential homeowners. If you are a homeowner, owning a tractor definitely has its advantages. However, most homeowners will not use a tractor enough to deem buying a tractor as a logical investment. Thankfully, if you have an equipment rental store nearby, you do usually have the option to rent a tractor and the attachments you need for certain jobs. Take a look at some of the DIY tasks around your property that may be made easier with a rented tractor:

Clean Up After Storm Damage 

From debris blown in from around the neighborhood to downed trees, a major wind storm can leave you with a huge mess to clean up on your property. You can attempt to pick all this up by hand, but there will probably also be a lot of pieces hanging around that you simply cannot move without some form of heavy equipment. In these situations, renting a tractor can be a huge help, especially if you rent a scoop attachment that can be used to scoop and push debris into a pile or into a dumpster. 

Mow a Large Overgrown Field 

If you have quite a bit of land, it is not always feasible to mow it with a regular mower all the time. Unfortunately, ground that is not frequently mowed can get pretty overgrown with weeds, briars, and even small trees. Once property reaches this point, mowing with a regular mower can leave you with mower damage. However, you can rent a tractor and heavy-duty mowing deck to clean up the overgrown area. The heavy-duty mower is designed to handle the cutting of thick growth and can even take down some small trees. 

Repair Gradient of Land 

If the property you live on is not completely flat, it can have a major impact on how water flows and pools when it rains, which can also lead to issues with erosion and rockfall. If you have a sloped area that needs a little more manipulating and shaping, renting a tractor with a scoop attachment or leveler is a good option. You can use the equipment to scrape away layers of the ground and compact it down to create the proper gradient to encourage water to flow in a different direction. 

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17 September 2017

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