Trying To Cut Trenches In Surprisingly Rocky Soil? A Used Chain Trencher May Be Necessary


Creating trenches in your new home's yard allows you to create new foundations and a variety of fun landscaping projects. Unfortunately, you may have bought a yard that is surprisingly thick with rocks. As a result, you may need to consider buying a used trencher.

The Problems Associated With Cutting Through Rock

Rock is a notoriously difficult problem for people who are trying to dig in their yard. Imagine taking a shovel and trying to remove nothing but rocks from a hole in the ground. Your shovel will struggle to break through the ground and may be too hard to heavy. Even strong pieces of construction equipment have a difficult time getting through rock.

That doesn't mean that you have to give up and accept your trenching failure. In fact, there are several types of construction equipment that were designed to deal with this very problem. The most popular of these is likely a chain trencher.

Why A Chain Trencher Is A Good Investment In This Situation

Chain trenchers are designed to bust up high-volumes of rock and provide you with the trenches that you need in your yard. They are a great choice for this type of job for other reasons, particularly the way they minimize waste and create efficient and strong trenches.

When cutting trenches through stony soil, you want to minimize how much soil you pull from the source. That's because the rocks can be heavy and hard to remove later. Chain trenchers are the most efficient trenchers for this job, making them an excellent option.

Finding A Used Trencher

If you want to invest in a chain trencher to deal with the rocks in your yard, try out a used model. You can save yourself thousands of dollars with this step and still find a reliable piece of equipment. And when you're done with the trencher, you can lend or rent it out to others who need it. As a result, you may be able to recoup your initial investment cost.

Inspecting a used trencher requires checking the exterior for any problems, trying out the engine, working the controls, spotting any leaks, inspecting the teeth of the chain, and spotting any control issues that could influence how well you work this tool.

If you think that a used trencher is right for your needs, don't hesitate to talk to a construction company manufacturer or dealer, like OEM Replacement Parts. They can help set you up with a money-saving deal that will get you behind the controls of one of these incredible tools.


6 January 2018

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