Safety Tips For Construction Company Owners


Jumping into the construction industry as a business owner is a big responsibility to take on, especially if you will be hiring employees. The reason why is because working in the construction industry can be a dangerous job that sometimes results in getting badly injured. Something as simple as a piece of heavy construction equipment failing can lead to the operator or a someone standing nearby getting injured. It important to keep safety first when handling heavy equipment, working close to occupied building structures, and even when doing as minor as demolishing a small block of concrete. Following the proper safety guidelines will keep you and your employees safe while on construction sites, as well as decrease the risk of your business facing a lawsuit.

Abide by the ANSI Standards

The American Nation Standards Institute (ANSI) is an organization that has trustworthy guidelines in regards to the construction industry. For instance, if you desire to make sure that your heavy construction equipment is safe, an inspection performed by the ANSI is the best way to do so. For example, the harnesses that are used at most construction sites can cause a fatal injury if they are in a bad condition, but the ANSI can ensure that they are safe to use. Cranes, bucket trucks, and many other types of heavy construction equipment should be inspected for safety every now and then. Knowing that your equipment meets the ANSI standards will give you the security that it will not malfunction and possibly land you in a lawsuit against an employee or bystander. Contact a company like Power Equipment Leasing Co Inc to learn more.

Always Put Up a Safety Fence

When you are working on a construction site that requires extended hours or long-term work being done, you should always use a safety fence. The safety fences that are designed for being used on construction sites are temporary. Your crew should be able to put the fence up in a timely manner, as well as take it down without a struggle. Choose a safety fence that has a bright orange color, and be sure to place warning signs along the perimeter of it to alert trespassers about the dangers of crossing over.

Set Clear Safety Guidelines

If you put safety guidelines in place for your construction company, it can decrease the risk of you being held liable if an employee happens to get injured. Be sure that the guidelines are very thorough and clear to understand. Make each of your employees sign a document that states they have read the guidelines before they can begin working.


29 September 2019

Women Can Do Construction, Too

My name is Autumn, and I'm glad you are here. I am one of very few women who work in construction. Yes, I operate heavy machinery. I also use power tools and climb up on planks high in the air. I am a construction worker, and I am just as good at it as my male co-workers. In fact, I often consider myself even better. I hope this blog will help people understand that women can choose to do anything that interests them, and that it is okay for a women to pursue careers that are traditionally reserved for men.