Common Hazards Of Operating A Crane


There are certain construction and manufacturing projects that require a crane to complete the job. Cranes make it quick and easy to lift and transport various materials; however, if this particular piece of equipment is not operated safely and carefully, it is easy for accidents to occur. Keep reading to learn a few of the more common hazards that tend to occur when a crane is being operated.


A large portion of malfunctions with crane equipment is a result of overloading. Cranes have a certain weight limit, and when this limit is exceeded, structural stresses are often developed, placing the crane at serious risk of tipping over or possibly even collapsing. This can easily be avoided by ensuring you are familiar with the weight capacity of your crane and the weight of the load prior to lifting it.

Falling Materials/Loads

Anytime that a crane is used at a worksite of any kind, loads have to be weighed carefully to make certain that the equipment is able to handle the weight. In addition, the load must be secured properly to ensure it doesn't slip out of the sling. The hoist must also be inspected and maintained on a regular basis since worn or damaged parts can cause loads to be dropped.


Most cranes are operated at a specific height, which places the equipment at risk of accidentally coming in contact with power lines. In the event that this happens, all it takes is one touch to result in several injuries and possibly even fatalities. The chance of these types of accidents can be reduced by ensuring that everyone is following safety protocols and marking off necessary areas.

Load Swinging

It can be particularly dangerous to work on a crane when there are strong weather conditions occurring around you. The higher up you are in a crane, the more intense the wind speeds can actually get. Each piece of machinery will have a limit as to what they are able to handle in strong weather conditions. If you decide to push the machine past this recommended point, it could result in what is known as load swinging, which could potentially cause the crane to tip over.

If you have any type of project coming up in the near future in which you require a crane, you may want to consider a crane rental service like Bogner  Construction Co. By being familiar with the aforementioned hazards of operating a crane, you can make sure that you operate the crane properly and safely. Alternatively, you can work with a crane rental company that also offers crane operators for hire.


28 May 2020

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