3 Crane Safety Tips You Should Observe


Cranes are vital in construction projects as they are used for lifting and lowering materials for construction work. However, since they are heavy equipment, they can lead to accidents if they are not appropriately handled. Thus, it is essential to learn how you can use this crucial equipment in your construction sites without putting your employees at risk. There following are three crane safety tips you should observe.

1. Work With Certified Operators

If you want to handle your crane safely, only certified professionals should operate it. Some crane rental companies will provide an operator to help you with your project. However, if your rental company doesn't, you should consider hiring one or taking a few of your employees to a training program.

A trained operator will know the crane inside and out, which means they can easily tell when something is off and respond quickly. Besides, intricate processes such as crane rigging need an expert. Untrained personnel can fail to prepare the crane appropriately, which can lead to hazards during lifting.

Moreover, operators are trained in proper crane safety procedures. Therefore, they can handle the equipment safely with or without your supervision. They will also comply with any safety guidelines.

2. Choose the Right Crane

You can significantly reduce the chances of accidents on your site if you work with the right crane. You will find different types of cranes out there, and the right one will depend on your project.

For instance, if your construction site is on a rough road, you should use a rough-terrain crane. However, these cranes cannot move on public roads, which means you will also have to plan transportation. An all-terrain crane can move on both public roads and rough terrains and can be an ideal choice.

If you want to move heavy loads through soft soils, use a crawler crane. This is because they have rubber tracks in place of wheels, so they can't sink. With professional help, you should find a crane that is perfect for your project.

3. Read the Crane's Manual

Despite having skilled operators, you also need to read the crane's manual before the project. You will learn about operator controls, load capacities, safety mechanisms, and maintenance tips. This knowledge will help you spot a mistake immediately and correct it. Different manufacturers make cranes, so you should always read the manual every time you rent one, even if you have used that crane type before. 

Nearly all major construction projects require a crane. If you are in the construction industry, it is crucial to observe these crane safety measures to create a safe workplace for your team. 

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12 April 2021

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