Own A Construction Company? Rent A Crane Instead Of Buying One


If you own your own construction company and need a crane, you probably know how expensive they are. Because of this, you should consider renting a crane instead. Below are some tips on doing this so you will be happy with your choice. 

Know the Type You Need

There are different types of cranes available that you can rent. One type is a mobile crane that has treads or wheels, which makes it easy to transport. Once you have the crane in place, you can then use it for heavy loads. Once they pick up the load the crane then transports the load to a location you specify. Mobile cranes are generally loaded onto a truck or pulled behind a vehicle to move the crane to a different work site. Once the contractor arrives at the site, they can simply drive the crane off the truck or unhook it from the truck. 

Another type is a static crane. This crane can be permanently put in place or can be semi-permanent. It can be placed on the ground or on a building. The crane has fixed paths that are used to move and lift loads. Rental companies generally only rent semi-permanent cranes. You should know that not all rental companies offer static cranes as they are generally used for the long term so make sure you ask the company you choose. 

Consider What You Need a Crane For

You need to consider what you will be using the crane for, so you rent the right one. You do not want to choose a crane that cannot handle the weight of the loads you have. You also have to determine the size of your job site. A small job site will require a smaller crane while a larger job site can handle a larger crane. 

The terrain of your job site is something else to consider. You will find mobile cranes come with different types of wheels that are made for different types of terrains. For example, your job site may have a more challenging terrain while another may have a gravel terrain. This will allow you to choose the right tires for your crane. There are many more things to consider, such as the type of materials the crane will carry, how much you will use the crane, and more.

Talk with a crane rental company to learn more about renting cranes for your construction company. They can ensure that you rent the right one.


10 January 2023

Women Can Do Construction, Too

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