2 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Renting An Excavator For Your Upcoming Construction Job


While looking over the plans and schematics for an upcoming construction job, you may have found out that you will need to excavate parts of the plot before the building can begin. If you do not typically need to excavate, you may not have the equipment in your business's inventory and are thinking about renting an excavator.

Before you contact an equipment company to see about renting one, you need to figure out exactly what you need so they can help you select one that best serves your needs. To do this, you can start by asking yourself a couple of questions to help you determine what excavating equipment you need to rent for your upcoming construction job.

1. What Is the Size and General Terrain of the Plot Where You Are Planning to Excavate?

One question you should ask yourself before renting an excavator has to do with the plot where you will be performing the work. Think about the size of the plot and how much room you will have to move around as well as the plot's general terrain.

If you will not have a lot of room to move the excavator, for example, you should consider renting a compact model that can work in tight spaces. If the terrain is rough and hilly, you can request a model that not only has sturdy, self-adjusting tracks but also an anchor system to secure it.

2. What Types of Attachments Do You Think You Will Need to Complete the Excavation Job?

Another question you should ask yourself has to do with any attachments you may need. Consider what types of tasks you will need to perform to effectively excavate the construction plot.

For example, if you need to dig deep into a narrow space, you may need to request an excavator extension that has a small bucket operated using hydraulics. If you need to precisely dig small sections, you should see if the rental service has various-sized auger attachments for this portion of the job.

Before contacting the rental service, thinking about where and how you will need to use the excavator will help you determine what type you will need, such as a full-size excavator compared to a compact model. You should also think ahead to determine the attachments you may need to use, such as an extension arm with a bucket for deep digs or an auger for more precise excavation. Once you have an idea of what you will need for your construction job, contact a heavy construction equipment service that offers excavating equipment for rent to speak with a representative who can assist you.


26 April 2023

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